The brief tasked students with creating packaging that would be able to have a second life or purpose.

Holy Smokes is known as ‘the matchbox that gets lit.’ ‘Holy smokes’ is an expression used to express wonder and excitement. This matchbox solves a uniquely South African problem. The problem is that many South Africans find firelighters such as Blitz to have a bad odour which affects the taste of their food. As for the insight, many South Africans love to ‘braai’ (have a barbeque) and are looking for a more affordable and recyclable alternative to firelighters. Holy Smokes are the matches for eclectic and electric individuals who love living on the wildside and lighting every party up.

The matchbox doubles as a firelighter which can be used when all the matches are done. All you have to do is place the box with your firewood and light it up with the last match in the box. Being 100% recyclable, the box is made out of recycled egg cartons and the matches are sulphur free. Not only is this good for the planet but for your pocket as well. The box’s coffin shape compliments the brand’s macabre and edgy image perfectly. The illustrations on the box on done with stipple and ink brushes in order to replicate the American traditional tattoo style. These illustrations have a rustic and nostalgic feel to them. The box is easy to fit in one’s pocket and will allow you to carry your matches with a little bit of funk and flair. The back of the packaging features a barcode as well as the tagline, “The matchbox that gets lit.” It also features detailed instructions on how to light the box up. As for construction, the box features a mini latch that secures the lid to the base. The box’s coffin shape accommodates the elongated matches inside. The matches are coloured a bold fuschia which compliments the monochromatic packaging.