Patê Vitamin – Pet Food Packaging

Vũ Digital

The Journey to Creating Difference in “The World of Patê”

Unfortunately, their owners cannot directly experience the taste. With the unique nature of pet food products, the designers must create a packaging design that brings together the brand’s personality, culture and value. From there, gain customers’ trust, convince them, and vigorously promote buying behaviour.

Dogs, cats, and pets are known as “bosses” but can’t choose which food products to buy. They can only rely on their owner’s decision and aesthetic sense (but not taste).

Understanding this reality, in our latest packaging design project for pet food, we tried to make the information fun, simple, familiar, and eye-catching using personification.

A cat and a dog are surprisedly looking at our new pet food packaging. Their eyes are shining, their mouths are watered, and they can’t help but be amazed at what we’ve designed. Even minor details, such as the vitamin ingredients, contact information, or product slogan, are infused with funny, unique elements to create a familiar sense and a good impression.

Only difference can lead to success in an increasingly competitive world. Therefore, we boldly conveyed our differentiation strategy into the product name: Patê Vitamin.

This packaging design created a new market where customers devote their hearts to pet “Patê Vitamin” products. Our secret is not to follow old formulas but to focus on creating truly different and memorable products. Bring to “bosses” a patê that is not only delicious and nutritious but helps them to be healthy and develop fully.