Wild Lotus Spirits

Inheriting ancient methods and modern craftsmanship

Yelian spirits have created the original Yelian-flavor liquor brewing process, and its products have the characteristics of lotus fragrance. The brewing technique is based on Honghu lotus seeds and lotus leaves, inheriting the traditional wild lotus brewing technique, and organically combining the three techniques to form an innovative liquor technique, which is unique in the Chinese liquor industry.

The wild lotus leaves, lotus pistils, lotus pods, and lotus flowers are proportioned, boiled, cooled, and filtered. The distilled wine is made of wild lotus koji, and the steps of crushing, molding, stepping, fixing, turning, and stacking are meticulous. Operation requires extremely high-temperature control. The special underground small pottery tank is used to make fine wine and store it in the tank for up to 3 months.

30° north latitude golden winemaking belt

Honghu Lake is located at 29°39′-30°12′ north latitude, which happens to be located in the world-recognized golden winemaking belt, including China’s Moutai, Sichuan Wuliangye, and Shaoxing rice wine. Honghu Wild Lotus Wine happens to occupy the natural production area and the golden zone.