Diabexy Innovative Flour


Delhi, India

Case Study: Diabexy Innovative Flour Packaging Design for Diabetic Patients

Client Background:

Our client, a passionate and knowledgeable brand owner with a background in PHD and a keen interest in diabetic patients, developed a range of food products, including flour and sweets, designed to address the specific dietary needs of diabetic individuals. Their mission was to offer a natural and effective solution to manage diabetes through food.

Design Challenge:

The client approached our branding and packaging design agency to create a packaging design that would:

Stand Out on the Shelf and Convey Brand Message: The packaging needed to capture attention amidst other products on the shelf while effectively communicating the brand’s focus on aiding diabetic patients through natural food products.

Innovative and Bold Appearance: Despite being a food product, the packaging should exude innovation and boldness, steering clear of a medicinal appearance to appeal to the target audience.

Clearly Highlight High-Quality Ingredients: The design should clearly showcase the high-quality natural ingredients used in the product, reinforcing the health benefits.

Design Solution:

Our design agency proposed a comprehensive packaging solution to meet the client’s challenges:

Bold Typography:

Utilizing bold fonts, we ensured that the specialized nature of the product for diabetic patients was clearly visible and easy to read.

Innovative and Attractive Colors:

We opted for innovative and vibrant colors that aligned with the food industry, steering away from traditional medicinal tones. These colors added an attractive appeal, making the product stand out and enhancing its desirability.

Product Ingredient Imagery:

Incorporating images of the natural ingredients on the packaging’s front allowed consumers to instantly recognize the use of all-natural, high-quality ingredients in the product.


The new packaging design successfully achieved the desired goals, as evidenced by the product’s significant visibility and sales growth on various online platforms. Additionally, the product gained recognition through its feature on the esteemed Indian startup series, “SharkTank.” We are immensely proud to be associated with the brand and contribute to the success of its product packaging, ultimately helping to make a positive impact in the lives of diabetic patients through innovative and appealing design solutions.