Delhi, India

Madio Naturals Tea Packaging Design by DesignerPeople

Project Overview

A Delhi-based start-up tea brand, “MADIO NATURALS,” approached DesignerPeople for their packaging design. Initially, they felt the pricing was a little high; hence, they opted for a freelance agency with very minimal cost in Delhi.

The outcome was highly unprofessional, even the printing company rejected the designs to get it printed and suggested our agency as a trusted name for the Packaging design project.Finally, the brand owner re-approached, and this time, with discussion, we came up with a strategy that worked positively for both.

Our objective was to create a visually premium packaging design that communicates brand positioning.

Design Approach

Our ideation was to adopt line art for a tea packaging design; hence, for the absolute range, we inculcated kettle and leaves, which was a visually appealing concept. To get started, consider sketching or digitally illustrating a simple kettle shape and tea leaves using clean, bold lines.

The art of tea pouring symbolizes the act of inviting customers to enjoy a cup of tea, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The signature range suggests the freshness and natural origin of the product. It emphasises its quality and symbolises the careful and manual process of harvesting tea leaves, emphasising the handcrafted and artisanal quality of the tea.

With correct colour and font style ensured that the brand positioning “premium “was communicated with their target audience.


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