Himani Akshaya Ponni Rice


Delhi, India

Rice Being the favorite appetite choice of the Indian subcontinent, the Brand Himani wanted their packaging to have an Indi touch. They were also focused on presenting their product’s packaging design to develop their unique identity in the market. Himani Akshay ponni is an Indian-origin rice producer that delivers the best variety of rice to consumers all over India.

DesignerPeople- a packaging design company, has come up with a design that reflects the essence and value of an Indian outlook toward food. Rice is an indispensable part of Hindu pooja rituals. DesignerPeople took inspiration from the same Indian philosophy and made an outstanding packaging design that broke the stereotype of ordinary rice packaging.

Design Insights

In Indian traditions, Indigo plays a significant role. In the Vedic era, Indigo or purple was a color of royalty. This is why we incorporated the royal purple color into the design. The goddess in the packaging is Devi Annapurna, the goddess of nourishment. The goddess is represented in the traditional south Indian attire to touch the Dravidian roots (Down south, India) of the product.

The golden Rice grains in the packaging represent the importance of food in Indian culture. All these factors, together, gave a divine touch to the packaging. And this is how the beautiful yet elegant packaging of Himani Akshaya Ponni rice was created.