Delhi, India

Case Study: CheckMate – Nostalgic Memories of Childhood Candy

CheckMate is a brand that specializes in crafting nostalgic candies, aiming to evoke cherished memories of childhood with every bite. With a focus on blending traditional Indian flavors with modern packaging design, CheckMate offers a unique experience that appeals to consumers seeking a taste of the past. Each candy is a delightful journey down memory lane, crafted with love and attention to detail for those who crave the flavors of yesteryears. CheckMate truly embodies where tradition meets modernity in the world of confectionery.

DesignerPeople, a renowned design agency known for its innovative and captivating designs, took on the challenge of creating packaging for CheckMate’s nostalgic candy range. In this packaging design, we explore elements of tradition and modernity to craft packaging that not only captures the essence of CheckMate’s candies but also evokes a sense of nostalgia among consumers.

Understanding the Brief:

DesignerPeople began the project by immersing themselves in the world of CheckMate’s nostalgic candies. They delved into the brand’s ethos and the emotions it aimed to evoke in its customers. The brief emphasized the importance of blending traditional Indian flavors with modern packaging design to create a unique and memorable experience.

Drawing Inspiration from Childhood Memories:

To capture the essence of childhood memories associated with CheckMate’s candies, DesignerPeople drew inspiration from vintage candy packaging and imagery from the 1990s. They incorporated playful illustrations, bold colors, and whimsical typography to evoke a sense of nostalgia and joy reminiscent of simpler times.

Infusing Desi Flavors into Design:

DesignerPeople paid homage to CheckMate’s desi Indian flavors by integrating elements of Indian culture into the packaging design. They incorporated vibrant patterns, motifs, and illustrations inspired by traditional Indian art forms, such as rangoli and mehndi, to create a visual connection to the candies’ flavors.

Creating a Modern Yet Timeless Look:

While drawing inspiration from the past, DesignerPeople ensured that the packaging design had a modern and contemporary appeal. They experimented with sleek typography, minimalist layouts, and premium finishes to elevate the overall look and feel of the packaging, making it stand out on shelves and resonate with today’s consumers.

Bringing the Vision to Life:

Through collaboration and creativity, DesignerPeople brought CheckMate’s vision to life with packaging that perfectly balanced nostalgia with modernity. The final designs featured vibrant colors, whimsical illustrations, and thoughtful details that captured the essence of CheckMate’s nostalgic candies, inviting consumers on a journey down memory lane with every purchase.

Checkmate as a brand will launch a digestive mouth freshener in the near future. We are crafting its packaging keeping the same concept in mind so that loyal customers can easily identify the product and connect it to its family.


DesignerPeople’s packaging design for CheckMate’s nostalgic candy range successfully encapsulates the brand’s ethos and evokes a sense of nostalgia among consumers. By seamlessly blending elements of tradition and modernity, DesignerPeople has created packaging that not only showcases the unique flavors of CheckMate’s candies but also tells a story that resonates with customers on an emotional level.


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