Healthy and Hygiene Tea


Delhi, India

Healthy and Hygiene Tea Packaging Design by DesignerPeople

Project Overview:

Healthy and Hygiene Tea Packaging Design by DesignerPeople Branding & Packaging Design Agency, a distinguished tea brand committed to promoting wellness and self-care. Our objective was to create visually striking packaging designs that capture the essence of the brand’s high-quality, herbal, and nutrition-rich teas.


Healthy and Hygiene – A tea brand dedicated to providing Teas that prioritise health, everyday wellness, and self-care.

Design Approach:

  1. Conceptualization: Our design team researched extensively to understand the brand’s values, target audience, and product offerings. This helped us establish a solid foundation for the premium Tea packaging design concept.
  2. Visual Elements: We developed a visual identity seamlessly integrating the brand’s philosophy. The packaging visuals contain elements such as herbs to indicate its closeness to nature. The Tea packaging design exudes a sense of vitality, freshness, and cleanliness, reflecting the core principles of Healthy and Hygiene.
  3. Color Palette and Typography: We carefully selected a colour palette that conveys a sense of naturalness, vitality, and well-being. The typography was chosen to balance modernity and approachability, ensuring legibility and visual harmony.

The Tea Packaging design by DesignerPeople for Healthy and Hygiene has resulted in an impressive packaging design that will resonate with consumers. The design successfully conveys the brand’s dedication to health, hygiene, and feeling good while capturing attention and standing out in a competitive market.


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