Embarc – Devil’s Lettuce

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You’ve heard the names: Devil’s Lettuce, Dope, The Gateway Drug. Chances are you’ve heard a few myths and misinformation around cannabis at some point. Reefer Madness, anyone?

This Halloween, while embracing the fun of frights, embarc’s mission is to clear away the cobwebs of misinformation, ensuring spooky stories of the plant stay fiction– not fact.

This playful and bold packaging and product draws inspiration from sources like Reefer Madness, 1950s and 60s pulp art, and the eerie charm of 60s-80s horror movies. The team put together an entire website and vintage movie trailer inspired by horror films and date propaganda to promote the product and draw attention to the history behind reefer madness; shining light on where many common fears originated from.

Appropriately being released on Friday the 13th (and priced at $16.66 for added cheekiness) the goal of the campaign is to spark a dialogue and foster a world where cannabis is appreciated rather than vilified.


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