FLOW – You Are What You Drink

WIN Creating Images

Berlin, Deutschland

Creative Concept

WIN Creating Images created FLOW – You Are What You Drink.

Our creative case FLOW is dedicated to the new generation of beverages: a lifestyle product infused with the spice of life.

The starting point here was also an insight from our trend unit: Inspired by indie beverage brands that break all conventional category codes, Flow was born. A fictitious brand concept for a drink that is as individual as the people who drink it.

Flow – like the feeling of summer in a can. The cocktail mix is inspired by warm, never-ending summer nights and a stylish way to break out of the everyday – and the design language of the drink aisle – with a cocktail-to-go.

Flow breaks with the conventional codes of the beverage market, which in the DACH region is known for information overload and little room for design and emotion.

What is already standard in international comparison is still a rarity here: cans with bright colors, bold type, and clever names. Instead of wild illustrations, Flow relies on an atmospheric, minimalist design that creates a visual haven of peace through complete reduction and an abstract hibiscus blossom, inviting you to leave your stressful everyday life behind.

Creative Concept by WIN Creating Images

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