WIN Creating Images

Berlin, Deutschland

Already iconic: WIN Creating Images designed TASTEA – M-Budget’s answer to the hype famous Rappers created by bringing out their own iced teas. The difference? TASTEA doesn’t need a celebrity to promote itself, it only needs one thing: Its own community! The own brand of Switzerland’s largest supermarket chain and retail company, Migros, let their fan community on social media decide which packaging design they prefer. For the online voting on Instagram and TikTok, WIN developed two design routes with two different flavor variants each. At the end of 2021, M-Budget’s followers were able to pick which packaging design they would like to see at the supermarket – and made their decision with over 76,000 votes in just 1,5 days. Clear winner of the competition was the melted smiley design which comes in a monochrome, colorful look. „

This project was a special challenge for us because M-Budget is a well-known, iconic brand in Switzerland. Especially exciting was the balancing act between the predefined design code of the M-Budget brand and the zeitgeist of their target group.“ says Anke Krocker, Head of Design at WIN Creating Images. „Our work becomes collaborative and transparent on a whole new level whenever the community of a client directly votes on the design. It’s a very exciting process that makes a lot of sense – even to us.“ Supermarket giant Migros states: „

The revival of iced tea through Gen Z is very obvious, and a great opportunity for us to offer iconic products to our clients – with our very own Migros style.“ With TASTEA, WIN Creating images delivered their very first project for the M-Budget brand, which became a new client of the agency last year. TASTEA is available at every Migros supermarket throughout Switzerland and online, while new projects are already in the pipeline.