WIN Creating Images

Berlin, Deutschland

Are you dreading these dark winter days? Want some fun and joy to remind you of light and warmer days? Globus ice cream is the perfect combination of taste, fun, and joy. This delicious ice cream by Globus is made of the best ingredients you can find and takes you on a delightful taste journey. This ice cream embraces its natural flavors, which can be seen in the packaging design. There are no artificial colors or flavors added, and all ingredients are carefully selected and of high quality to ensure the best ice cream experience at home.

Tasty ice cream brings its consumers joy and happiness; therefore, it needs a bright, playful, and colorful packaging design. Bold colors suggest an intense taste. Moreover, the combination of photorealistic ice cream and joyous illustrations of the ingredients ensure a lively and clever take on snack design. This eye-catching design leads consumers into the world of incredible ice cream. This bold and outstanding design inspires consumers to choose Globus ice cream for their preferred snack at home. Bring back the fun and joy while enjoying your ice cream from Globus. This product is part of a series of various conceptual projects by packaging design agency WIN Creating Images, based in Berlin, Cologne, Aachen (Germany) and Zug (Switzerland).