WIN Creating Images

Berlin, Deutschland

Have you read the newspaper yet? It’s Vegan news! Plan-based No Pork Rind chips don’t need any actual pork – because unique taste works without animal suffering! This packaging has a minimalistic design with a bold, classy, and elegant look and contains much information about the vegan snack. With a growing interest in vegan snacks in recent years, especially amongst the younger generation, many vegan options are emerging in the market. Young people want to snack without doing any harm to the environment.

With outstanding taste and a loud design, No Pork Rind chips keep humans and animals happy. The design is loud and bold yet sustainable with clear messages for a vegan diet without the usual and outdated green eco-style of vegan products. The packaging informs consumers about vegan snacks and their positive impact. That makes the product appealing even to non-vegans and will inspire them to change their snack routine. Start snacking without guilt while doing good for animals and the environment. Most chips companies use product photography as a key element in their packaging.

The new boundary-breaking sustainable design and the messages as well as the many informative texts on the bag became the key features of the packaging. Ignoring the usual design rules, the chips bag is unique and impactful. Therefore, the packaging’s bold, powerful, and sustainable look will allow No Pork Rind to stand out amongst its competitors. The packaging is made of cellulose packaging without conventional plastic.

As a result, the bag can be easily recycled as paper and is good for the planet! In addition, the bioplastic used on the inside of the package facilitates the sealing of the bag and keeps the chips crispy. Choose the Plan-based No Pork Rind to become your amazingly tasty snack! This product is part of a series of various conceptual projects by packaging design agency WIN Creating Images, based in Berlin, Cologne, Aachen (Germany) and Zug (Switzerland).