Modjo – No Alcohol, Much Fun

WIN Creating Images

Berlin, Deutschland

WIN Creating Images created Modjo – No Alcohol, Much Fun.

Modjo is our creative answer to a growing demand for non-alcoholic drinks. A shot of fun, served straight up.

What’s left in a cocktail glass once the alcohol is taken out? Our creative case Modjo – a portmanteau of ‘mood’ and ‘joy’ – has the answer: non-alcoholic beverages are just as good as their alcoholic equivalents at creating a party mood and spreading good vibes.

The fluted glass bottle of the non-alcoholic gin taps into current interior design trends and refracts light like a swimming pool in high summer.

With its orange and pink hues vying for attention, the bold packaging is akin to looking through a prism. And the beverage itself? It’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. An extra bonus: the base of the bottle contains a glass with the same elegant fluted design. Ideal for lazy summer evenings in the park and retail and gift displays alike.

Creative Concept by WIN Creating Images

Services: Design, Trends, Images


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