GOOD STUFF – Cereals for Adults

WIN Creating Images

Berlin, Deutschland

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, US cereal sales jumped almost 9% as shoppers bought convenient foods and snacks they could eat during home office hours. Just as the Brits ate up an extra 53.5m packs of cereal in the UK alone. One thing is for sure: Both legacy and startup brands joined the growing cereal trend and put a modern spin on it. No matter if ancient grains, reduced sugar, high-protein counts or nutrients for digestion, energy, immunity and stress management – The new generation of cereals doesn’t only taste good, but comes with plenty of new features cereals from back in the day wish they had. WIN’s conceptual design for „Good Stuff“ embodies just that: Cereals that combine functional ingredients and elevated flavors – bringing adults back to the breakfast table enjoying a healthy, delicious version of their vintage childhood memories. All while supporting sustainable agriculture of course!

The packaging design comes in a clean and modern, yet nostalgic and retro-inspired look reminiscent of Pac-Man and all the other things we used to love when we were young: Bold colors, comics and video games, bringing all the happy throw-back-feels we need in tough times like the ones we’re living in right now. „Good Stuff“ not only represents great taste, but a frisky, fun time where no struggles seem to exist – even if it’s just for a moment. In an age where the world seems to be so fast moving and at times dark and difficult, everyone needs some off-time to slow down, breathe and feel good – hence the Millennial’s love for products and foods that help them do just that. They’re called “the most nostalgic generation” for a reason and even Generation Z seems to take part in the remembrance of decades they weren’t even born yet. That’s what „Good Stuff“ is here for – without making you feel guilty for snacking or having a sweet tooth. It’s like adulthood and childhood mixed into one box of cereal, smashing the old school and the new school together, serving the best of both worlds. We grew up. So our cereals should too.

This product and is part of a series of various conceptual projects by packaging design agency WIN Creating Images, based in Berlin, Cologne, Aachen (Germany) and Zug (Switzerland).