Shangweng Wine is a modern biological health-preserving wine brewed on the basis of Shang’s kidney-tonifying wine of the Song Dynasty, transformed and integrated with modern biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology. It has the characteristics of rapid absorption and remarkable effects.

Raw material

Liquor, purified water, jujube kernels, longan meat, mulberries, polygonatum, etc.


It nourishes qi and blood, nourishes yin and kidneys, soothes the liver and regulates qi, activates blood circulation and unblocks collaterals.

During the Wei and Jin Dynasties, metaphysics flourished. When people lamented the impermanence of the world, they drank to escape the world and indulged in drinking and enjoyment. Under the influence of this trend, people at that time studied the brewing technology of wine and continuously expanded the types of wine.

According to the “Essential Techniques for Qi Min” written by Jia Sixie of the Northern Wei Dynasty: “Medicinal wine method: soak Acanthopanax bark and all medicines in this wine, which are beneficial and have magical effects.” There is also a “harmony wine method: one bucket of wine; sixty percent pepper.” One piece of dried ginger, one piece of chicken tongue, six pieces of grass… put it in a silk bag and put it in the wine. One night, one liter of honey and mix it with it.” From the records of these words, it can be seen that at that time, it had begun to be added to the wine. Different medicinal materials are used to brew medicinal wine with different effects.

Most of these medicinal materials are common drugs for treating people’s diseases. The medicinal materials are added to wine and brewed, and the medicinal wine brewed also has special effects. At that time, health wine and health wine had already appeared in people’s lives.

“With the surging health wave, consumers are beginning to pay attention to health and wellness when drinking alcohol. Especially with the continued impact of the epidemic since 2020, the public’s demand for health products has increased sharply, and the health industry has increasingly become an industry with broad development prospects and a huge market. It is an emerging industry with great potential, which also makes dew wine products more and more popular among consumers.”

As a segment of the liquor market, the dew wine market is huge; as a representative of the “source of medicine and food”, dew liquor is also the innovation guide for liquor companies. On the other hand, the development of dew wine can better meet the health needs of modern people and has broad prospects. Mao Jian, head of the Traditional Brewed Food Research Center of Jiangnan University, pointed out that Lujiu is a diversified improvement of rice wine and liquor, with new sensory experience and health benefits. The new standard for beverage wine separates Lujiu from the industry, which is an emphasis on my country’s traditional beverage wine and further enhances the market positioning of Lujiu.