Val LLC Virginia USA – Kids Cosmetic Packaging Line



A refreshed approach to VAL-LLC Virginia USA hair and skin products.

At VAL Kids, Marklinica embarked on a transformative journey to create kids’ line brand identity, with a strong focus on promoting positivity and embracing the vitality of nature. Our mission was clear: to win over mothers’ hearts by ensuring their children’s happiness. We achieved this by introducing an enchanting world of playful animals, birds and aquarium life, each intricately woven into our brand’s story, guaranteeing endless smiles on little faces.

In addition to this delightful collection of adorable characters, we took extra care to communicate the inherent benefits of our products, leaving no room for doubt about why VAL Kids is the go-to choice for discerning parents. Our product descriptions are designed to guide mothers seamlessly towards the perfect solution for their child, making VAL Kids experience a joyful and intuitive one during bath time.

The primary focus of this project is to create compelling and child-friendly packaging that can be also sold in sets, so our team worked on a cool color palette that create a seamless flow for the products.

VAL-LLC is a pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical company that manufactures skincare, haircare and supplement products with the finest quality and efficacy that are distributed in the United States, Canada and the Middle Eastern countries.


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