“Carte Blanche” is a restaurant located in the heart of Moscow, offering a unique combination of original cuisine, a rich coffee menu, and an exquisite wine selection. The visual concept of the brand is embodied in the logo, featuring a hare that personifies the atmosphere of “Carte Blanche.” The hare appears relaxed and somewhat leisurely, conveying the idea that the patrons of this bistro can feel the same. This character, being swift and free, emphasizes that in «Carte Blanche» one can take their time, savor the moment, and relax.

This logo has become more than just a graphic element; it has evolved into a true symbol of joy and inspiration, something the client couldn’t resist. As a result, the client didn’t just choose this logo — they fell in love with it, seeing in it the perfect embodiment of the spirit and concept of their brand.

The memorable character depicted in a black and white palette becomes the focal point. This allows for the creation of a strong emotional bonding element between the brand and customers. The minimalist black and white design of the identity, featuring distinctive characters and illustrations, establishes a stylish, clean, and recognizable brand image, emphasizing its uniqueness and appeal to the target audience.


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