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Contains Satire: the lightness of those who know not to take themselves too seriously.

The new line of Sátira (Satire) distilled spirits consists of a pair of gins: London Dry and Navy, in addition to the smoky barley whiskey. Inspired by satire itself as a literary style that uses exaggeration and distortion to comment on various themes, the design project aims to add a touch of fun without compromising the sophistication and quality of the beverages offered.

The good things in life, in the right measure 😉

Through an innovative distillation process, two gins have emerged, sharing the same ingredients but differing in alcohol content: London Dry 40% is personified by a dog-shaped balloon, evoking lightness and relaxation. On the other hand, the Navy 52%, known for its high alcohol content, is represented by an anchor, reminiscent of the history of British Royal Navy ships that transported this potent beverage.

In the world of whisky, the project aims to deconstruct the idea that age defines quality. From there, an opportunity arises to create a new language that breaks away from the cowboy concept and appeals to a younger audience. The abstract illustration of barley, with a charcoal texture, sophisticatedly and distinctly expresses the complexity of the beverage.

The corks are customized in the primary color of each distilled spirit, serving as a surprise factor when opening the bottle.

Through the revitalization of the visual identity and the development of a cohesive, impactful, and irreverent packaging system, the project aims to establish a strong presence on the shelves, not only in their own establishments but also in national retail.

With an approach that balances fun and sophistication, the packaging design seeks to stand out and attract a broader audience, something that was previously limited to regional franchises.

The developed verbal language complements and reinforces the concept of the labels, aligning with the playful language of existing beer cans.


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