S&R’S GARAGE – Hard lemonade with California vibe

Aida Pioneer

Сан-Франциско, Калифорния, США


Seth & Riley’s Garage Hard Lemon is a beer-based hard drink with a lemon flavor. The creation of this drink is based on the American tradition of making ‘made-at-home’ lemonades. We had to create a packaging design for a new peach-tasting lemonade.


S&R’s Garage is a hard lemonade with a great refreshing taste. Only natural fruit ingredients, best beer for the base. But the most important element is the true Californian vibe of the brand. That’s what we focused on while developing the design and communication for the new peach taste.


The design of S&R’s GARAGE is iconic. Catchy dominant logo in the center, authentic label shape in combination with colorful drink inside the bottle. We highlighted the peach taste placed the illustration on the background and added purple for the vibe and contrast. We used a hand-made illustration style to add the feeling of the homemade lemonade. So fresh and catchy – mmm… pass your jar and get some!


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