Auspicious Baoan|Cultural and creative design

Jude YES

CHINA · SHENZHEN · WECHAT :18825269580

鳳祥宝安-Auspicious Baoan



“Auspicious Baoan” – The theme illustration draws inspiration from the distinctive regional features of Baoan and famous landmarks like Fenghuang Mountain and Fengyan Ancient Temple. It reflects Baoan’s rich history and profound cultural spirit. The phoenix, known as the “king of birds” in ancient legends, symbolizes auspiciousness and harmony, which is why it was chosen as the central theme for this project. The main focus of the design is on the Baoan architectural decorative art plasterwork of the twin phoenixes facing the sun, and the phoenix from the An Eight Immortals Shrine, combining local culture with modern architecture. Through the form of illustration, the design connects these elements and outlines the unique characteristics of Baoan, incorporating lines, colors, and cultural elements into the overall visual presentation. The design also reflects emotional exchanges between people, representing the emotional projection of Baoan’s culture and history through the product’s unique features.

Art Director: Jude
Designer: Jude, Tao Tao
Illustration: Yan Hong
3D Photography: Tao Tao
Year: 2019-2021
Client: Organizer of Shenzhen Baoan Cultural and
Creative Design Competition


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