Client: RG brands – leading beverage company in Kazakhstan, official partner of PepsiCo International and Pepsi Lipton International in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Design challenge Development of packaging design for Lavina energy drinks for the market of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Solution: The quantity of new energy drinks brands is steadily increasing. And if a few years ago the market of energetic beverages was occupied mainly by brands of large international companies, now more and more beverages of local manufacturers are appearing on the shelves.

This year for the market of Kazakhstan, we have created a packaging design of the Lavina trademark, energetic beverage, inspired by the power and might of a snow avalanche that demolishes all obstacles in its path. The word Lavina is literally translated as avalanche from Russian language. Traditionally, energy drinks are considered as drinks that increase physical activity, but “Lavina” has a positive effect on brain performance too. Lavina is a boost of strength and energy not only for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, but also for those who need to make the most of the mental capabilities: IT specialists, managers, financiers, copywriters, designers. In accordance with the slogan “Demolishes obstacles”, “Lavina” literally breaks up with sleep, laziness, apathy. The packaging design matches with the brand idea – deep black, not masculine, but cooling, with silver-blue ice crystals. This underlines another “feature” of the product: the taste of “Lavina” has a light, cooling effect.