Claude Seror Winery

Annie Selby

The Club Seror came into being after a fabulous meeting between Yuval, a farmer from Moshav Avnei Eitan in the Golan Heights, and four visionaries. The four rely on Yuval’s art and expertise to draw out the beauty and excellence from his captivating vineyards. Their state-of-the-art authentic local products aim to enhance the intimacy of the exclusive Club Seror community, named for Claude Seror, founder of the project, and signature of our exceptional wine cellar.

What’s Unique?

This exclusive product had to visually deliver with impact and style. Aimed at European and USA markets, the wine is exclusively delivered to your door and is unavailable to the wider populous. Membership of the club is limited and stringent. Club Seror aims to provide their members with a luxurious life experience, and an outstanding product.

Savoureusement Votre, Exquisitely Yours….


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