Ginseng Ruyi Ginseng Extract

  • Create a Changbai Mountain ginseng brand with ingenious craftsmanship
  • Ginseng Ruyi, the charm of ginseng lies in its simplicity
  • It has been refined through 18 production processes and 6 times of extraction, concentration and refinement.
  • Highly concentrated extraction with high monomer content.
  • High purity, no excipients, small molecules and easy to absorb.

As early as in the “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”, ginseng was listed as a “top-grade medicine”, and it was listed that ginseng can nourish the five internal organs, calm the spirit, calm the soul, stop panic, remove evil spirits, improve eyesight, and improve happiness and intelligence. In modern medicine, cooked ginseng-red ginseng is often used to enhance immunity and improve physical fatigue.

Make “Drinkable Changbai Mountain Ginseng”

Through technology, Shenruyi transforms red ginseng into red ginseng extract that can be easily consumed. According to the product introduction of Changsenyuan Red Ginseng Extract, users can take about 2g per day to achieve daily health effects. Because it is a “natural food”, there are not many taboos in taking Changsenyuan red ginseng extract. However, it should be reminded that due to the natural properties of ginseng, Changsenyuan red ginseng extract should not be taken at the same time as radish, hellebore, and Wulingzhi. It can be taken two hours apart.

Ginseng Ruyi Ginseng Extract introduces a complete set of imported customized production equipment and automated control systems, uses low-temperature and low-pressure steaming ginseng technology to completely transform the unique ingredients of red ginseng, and then increases the active ingredients of red ginseng through membrane filtration and high-speed centrifugal separation technology. Based on advanced technology, every 1g of Changsenyuan red ginseng extract contains more than 65mg of total ginseng saponins.