Boo (Takeaway)

An illustration of an owl has been gracing the packaging of Royal Armenia coffees for many years. It’s such a famous brand character that people even refer to the product as “boo” (which means “owl” in Armenian). We used this cultural insight and made a strategic decision to create a sub-brand, calling it “Boo” (owl).

“Royal Armenia,” a beloved coffee brand, decided to expand its business and start selling its coffees to go. Our task was to create an identity for this new venture and design anything that a “coffee-to-go” stand might need, such as cups, bags, and many more items.

Our idea was to build the entire identity around the physical qualities of an owl. Being a nocturnal bird, an owl symbolizes the coffee effect of keeping people awake. We gave the owl a more modern and emotional look, adding two new owl characters. The word “Boo” (owl) was also turned into a typographic logo where the two letters “O” were placed above each other, reminding us of the wide-open eyes of an owl that has tilted its head. The colors of the cups and the owl’s eyes matched the different times of day when the coffee is sold.


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Backbone Branding

Creative Director: Stepan Azaryan
Illustrators: Elina Barseghyan, Mariam Stepanyan
Graphic Designer: Ashot Hayrapetyan
Royal Armenia