Depimax Professional

Packaging for Depimax products from the line of waxes for depilation in granules. Depimax products are of excellent quality and are in demand both among professional cosmetologists and those who prefer to do depilation at home. We have developed a logo and bright packaging for this brand, all types of wax have been encoded not only with a unique color, but also with a letter designation. Each of the letters has a meaning and is directly related to the purpose and format of the product. In addition, the letter is also a transparent window through which wax granules are visible. A single conceptual solution allows you to select an item on a shelf in a store or cosmetologist’s office and makes the product well-recognized in the market of cosmetology products. This project was created Pnflv agency in partnership with the agency py-group.


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Executive Creative Director: Dmitry Panfilov
Designer: Maxim Vikhlyantsev
3D-artist: Dmitry Pavlov