The Magma Chili Manufactory produces homemade chili sauces with special flavours, partly home-grown and partly exclusively from chemical-free organic ingredients.

Their goal is to focus less on the strength of the chilli pepper and more on flavours that are different from the traditional.

The packaging was designed with the eco-friendly thinking in mind, so the box is designed to be assembled without glue and folded down to give it another function to pour your snack into for dipping. The contents of the box is an unlabelled jar, so we can easily recycle it and fill it with our own contents. Only the lid of the jar has a sticker with the logo in the product colour. The outer packaging has been given the colour of the product, in addition to the basic grey colour.

Four products are to be launched, named after famous volcanoes according to the area in which the secondary ingredient of the sauce is indigenous, in addition to the chilli.

The characteristic colours of these secondary ingredients will also serve as secondary brand colours and will appear on the packaging as ‘flowing’ elements and forms typical of the brand.


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