Kazuaki Kawahara Latona Marketing Inc.


Special ice cream dedicated to nighttime with a new sleeve shape inspired by the moon phase mechanism.

Targeted at people who have trouble sleeping due to stress in their daily lives, this product is an ice cream that utilizes theanine, the umami component in green tea, and is a dedicated nighttime dessert that supports good sleep during the night and helps you wake up feeling pleasant and comfortable.

Since the market for dedicated nighttime desserts remains undeveloped in Japan, and this product is also relatively expensive, I felt that the packaging should convey the image of a product for dedicated nighttime use, while simultaneously providing a sense of security, luxury, as well as impact to attract consumers.

This was realized through the development of a new sleeve shape based on the motif of the moon phase mechanism used in wristwatches.

The top of the sleeve comes with a window in the shape of a crescent moon as seen in the moon phase mechanism. Furthermore, by extending the adhesive part of the sleeve and adding a flap, it secures the ice cream as well as serving as an axis for rotating it. In addition, the product itself is visible through the side of the sleeve, creating a sense of security.