VAAG Energy, a new marque of energy drink. Vaag means Tiger in the regions of India and Asia, the prowess and the energy within these animals is the inspiration for our drink and we aim to deliver that sense of power and energy through our drink VAAG.

The drink will be going on sale in Africa and Asia at the start of 2013

  1. Love the simplicity of the design, its not over the top like most other energy drinks, dare i say it looks tasteful, not too manly or girly, not sure about the name though… 😀

  2. Totally wanna give vaag to my girlfriend. She might just become a cougar in bed.Also, the design would've been amazing if you put a small script type spelling "ina" besidr VAAG. Overall, great job with the design, makes me think of v_gina, and gives me fantasies with the cougar logo

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  4. I had never listen before about VAAG original energy drink, Great thanks for suggest me and loved it lot of really. I highly recommend it and I'm going to book marking it….

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