DUO by NARS (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Winnie Yuen
School: Pasadena Art Center College of Design
Type of work: Student Project
Country: USA

DUO BY NARS makeup for men
This project is to create a new luxury makeup line for an existing cosmetic brand. The chosen brand is NARS. Being proud of its revolutionary approach to women, NARS has a high potential to extend its market to include men. Taking a light-hearted approach and acknowledging the lifestyle of men, the new makeup line, DUO, helps men to become comfortable and confident with who they are and be proud of their masculine beauty.

Although the masculine beauty signs are not well known, it occupies a new position nowadays. Men of all the ages begin to seek, in a growing rhythm, what women have already accepted and conquered for a long time: the improvement of the self-esteem and better social insertion. This new need creates a fresh idea in the makeup market and inspires creative packaging and products’ solutions that help NARS to accomplish its brand.

In recent years, the point of purchase for products and services has become an important focus for marketers. Research from the POPAI’s “Consumer Buying Habits” study has shown that two-thirds of consumer purchase decisions are made at the point of sale and in some categories, impulse purchases at shelf accounts for as much as 85% of sales. Point-Of-Purchase (POP) displays and package design are the last opportunity to influence consumer perception. Thus, beside developing the form and packaging for DUO, POP is also part of the project to reinforces the brand equity through imagery and also provide information about pricing and features.