Claldy Bioyogur

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Creatorstudio
Art Direction: Martin Piñeyro
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Claldy
Location: Uruguay
Packaging Contents: Yogurt
Packaging Materials: Plastic

For years we have been developing packaging for Claldy and we have been working in the process of changing the brand image that has gone from less to more. We had the opportunity to redesign several brand products, but I must confess that this was the most daring project of the brand for the studio so far. We always kept in a classic design line, but this lap we dare to propose to the customer bring the product to the next level. We saw that the previous packaging, if it was okay well done and minimalist line, we believed that the product lent itself to give a more cool touch and aesthetically align with current packaging proposals. The design process was originally intended to do all the fonts by hand but in the end we use a mix of typography and handmade things. The public acceptance has been very good so more than happy with the final result.