Mendoza Province, Argentina

When @luisrovello and @guillepontis came to the studio to tell us about the @enologiacreativa projects, we had to have 2 coffees before we understood the dimension of the project they were putting together.

Not only that from the enological point of view they proposed something interesting, but also from the technological aspect they were thinking beyond.

The goal of all this is to open communication channels that allow people to have a collective conversation.

To achieve this we had to work on the main brand asset (QR Code), which is the trigger that starts the conversations. We decided to make it a hidden element. This way is not perceived as a hard centerpiece.

For the main display, we thought of conversations as if they were branches of a tree or plant roots. Taking into account technical aspects and deformation ranges of the QR code, we managed to make a vine illustration with the necessary elements for a correct reading.

This is how we arrived to this elegant, but disruptive design. Showing leaves, grapes and branches around a main element as the Qr.

The product itself is an orange wine, of the highest quality. It was recently awarded a gold medal by Vinus 2021 magazine, which ensures that in addition to having great technological potential, it also will provide us with a good glass of wine to enjoy with our favorite people.