Label and packaging for Souls & Spirits Gin, Vodka and Mezcal


Souls & Spirits is made up of a line of three distillates that evoke the mystical experiences that are lived in the magical places of the Riviera Maya, especially on the beautiful beaches of Tulum, where a huge foreign public is concentrated in search of reuniting with their own Souls and Spirits.

The purpose of the graphic identity is to be attractive to this market, after identifying the absence of a premium product that could be a souvenir for visitors to the Mexican Caribbean, which in recent years has become a space full of magical experiences.

Starting with a modern typeface logo with ligatures, the brand begins to express its personality. The label is then developed with a personalized that evokes magic through geometric figures and stars. Unique illustrations were also created that, through mystical birds, glowing clouds, moons, and sparkles, manifest mysticism, movement, and spirituality on each label.

The brand’s color palette was chosen on each spirit: Gin, with bright pink; Vodka with its characteristic red; and Mezcal, with the sobriety of black and gold. Each of them was complemented with vibrant colors that fulfill the function of highlighting the products on the shelf, either together or separately.

Finally, the box that ends up wrapping the Soul & Spirits distillates in a complete experience for the consumer with an elegant exterior and an interior with premium details.