O R I O R is an innovative range of medical skincare range designed and developed by Dr. Angelina Postoev. The founder of Surgicare Arts & Aesthetics and co-founder of IBI Healthcare Institute, Dr. Angelina is triple board-certified by the American College of Surgery and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. She is an Augusta University Professor of Surgery and a member of many local and national scientific societies, including the American Society of Cosmetic Surgeons.

O R I O R was formulated with the highest respect for the skin and utilizes plant-based ingredients and peptides, without harmful chemical additives. As a result, it helps to fight the causes of aging, correct serious skin conditions and ultimately result in skin health, youth and confidence.

O R I O R branding and packaging design to reflect the idea of transformation with a butterfly being one of the most famous totems. In Christianity, it is a symbol of resurrection and in Greek culture, it symbolizes immortality.