Zarnawaz saffron is a new and creative brand in the field of food. From the beginning, this brand has taken the first steps of its brand with the Irfan designer group. The packaging of Zarnawaz is presented in a new and different form to create distinction, and the combination of two colors, white and red, has made it eye-catching and at the same time significant and related to saffron. Also, post-printing services such as red-coating, gold-coating and local UV applied to the packaging have multiplied the shine of the work and make the product look more exquisite.

In addition to the weight balance and cost-effectiveness, the use of polycrystal sides shows the quality of the saffron used well and is very successful in gaining the trust of the customer. It is worth mentioning that the logo design of this brand was also done by the Irfan group of designers, and after the production and implementation of these products, they were photographed.