Designed by Jones Knowles Ritchie (jkr)

On this historic day 250 years ago Arthur Guinness signed the lease on his Dublin brewery. Today this will be celebrated by the brand on a global level with parties, charitable funds and special packaging all part of the mix.

This week also sees the launch of overhauled packaging for Guinness Draught in can by jones knowles ritchie (jkr). jkr were challenged to produce an eye-catching can which evokes positive associations to the iconic brand – simply, to make a good pack great.

The team elected to do this via a full-blooded use of the traditional harp emblem. This approach has resulted in a single-minded design which better acts as a “badge in the hand”.

In research the findings were conclusive – the new design increases quality perceptions via deceptive simplicity and is significantly more noticeable on shelf than its competitors.