Gworkshop Design

Tomás Bermur (N14b), Quito 170135, Ecuador

Designed by GWORKSHOP, Ecuador.

GWORKSHOP was challenged to create a new brand of fruit products to be introduced into the Ecuadorian market and later to the rest of the world. I started looking for names and came up with the idea to focus on the product: fruit. So why not call it “MADE OF FRUTZ”? In order to register the name worldwide, I had to accommodate the letters to say “FRUTZ” instead of “FRUITS”.

The main concept of the project was to create a simple but clear overview of the fruits using color and photography. I used a stripe that crosses all the fruits to give a sense of elegance and softness. This well-structured logo includes a delicate detail of a leaf in the corner to depict the richness and the naturalness of the fruits. The sophistication and maturity of the black background contrasts with the energetic and vibrant colors of the front panel and fruits. On the top panel the main shapes of the fruits unify the products as a one family of products.

On the back panel I thought about giving back something to he mother earth. The message “SEMBRAR ES CHEVERE – INTENTALO” means “PLANTING IS COOL –TRY IT”. By displaying this message, the company invites the consumers to take action. To plant seeds as they “cultivate” them through MADE OF FRUTZ.

In its initial stages, MADE OF FRUTZ only had four amazing flavors: melon, strawberry, pineapple and sugar cane. So if you are craving for one and you live in Ecuador, don’t wait to get a tasty and fresh MADE OF FRUTZ.

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