Wajuko | Guayusa Tea

Gworkshop Design

Tomás Bermur (N14b), Quito 170135, Ecuador

Agency: Gworkshop design
Creative Director: José Luis García Eguiguren
Illustration: Juan Fernando Enriquez
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Teguma
Location: Quito, Ecuador
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Materials: paper

Teguma S.A puts in charge of developing their new brand of guayusa tea. The main idea is to create a bold and unique packaging throught a history that embraces the east of our country Ecuador.

Our story
A cold and rainy night in Wawa Sumaco, two rural doctors struggled to safe Wajuko from it’s agonizing life, a happy and innocent Indian child.

Frustrated by hopelessness and blinded by the thick fog, it grows from the depths of the jungle, a glimmer that embraces an old and leafy tree guayusa. In it, lies an owl with penetrating eyes and sympathetic look that symbolizes the reincarnation of the child.

Thereafter Wajuko, the owl, became the night watchman and symbolizes hope in this eastern town.

What’s Unique?
This tea embraces a fresh and different approach in the tea category. The illustration of the owl is created in such a way that incorporates the side panels in order to create a visual unification through all the packaging. By the use of color we can identify each unique flavor and be able to expand the product line in the future.