Designed by BrandOpus, United Kingdom.

BrandOpus wins the Gold Design Effectiveness Award for the Choc on Choc brand

Strategic design agency, BrandOpus, has won the prestigious gold and bronze awards at the Design Effectiveness Awards (DEA) on 17 February 2011, for its redesign of the Choc on Choc and Rocky brands respectively. Since the revamp, Choc on Choc online sales have soared by 50 per cent to half a million pounds and Waitrose increased its Christmas order by 600 per cent, after the Easter order sold out in just four weeks.

BrandOpus transformed Choc on Choc by visually redefining the product, exploring the naming and personality. The new design showcased the brand’s heritage and its distinctive new and patented way of fashioning high quality Belgian chocolate. To clarify the product range the number of packaging formats was reduced to five, with the capability to add a special occasion product, such as Easter and Christmas, via seasonal tags. This allowed for a structural new product development strategy.

Taking inspiration from iconic rock style imagery, BrandOpus created the Rocky Crest – a strong, iconic branded emblem to make the packs stand out. The style of the illustration and typeface were inspired by text seen on grunge, and rock and roll albums, symbolising Rocky’s new personality. The new design created a more credible and powerful brand on shelf, without losing its playful design. Rocky was established as a brand with attitude, giving it greater appeal to push the consumer market beyond just that of children’s lunchboxes.

Nir Wegrzyn, founder and managing partner at BrandOpus says: ‘We are ecstatic on winning two awards at the coveted DEA. It is rewarding to be recognised for the effectiveness of our work. When approaching a project return on investment is always front of mind, and to win the prestigious DEA is a high accolade indeed.’