Forsee Dice (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Ryan Bosse, a design student at Fort Hays University, United States.

This is a re-design of the classic game device of dice. By painting some of the dots a different color (red-good luck,yellow-good health, all white-bad luck) I turned what is usually the accessory to a game, into the game it-self, for a more engaging and interactive experience for the customer. By turning the packaging upside down and shaking, then turning ride side up you see at the bottom the results of your fortune.
The packaging is physically designed to funnel the dice toward the bottom while hanging, to give a view of the product.

The packaging can also sit on the flat bottom while the dice provide weight to keep it stable. It is visually designed after the Victorian fortune telling machines, to give it a stronger and more unique shelf presence.

This is a project in Packaging 2. We were to design packaging for anything 75 cents or less, and make it worth more through the design of the packaging.