Rexona Men Superhero

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Derrick Lin


The new Rexona Men packaging, designed by Pierini, has super-powers

Pierini Partners, the leader agency of strategic packaging in Argentina, designed for the brand Rexona Men, the packaging for its new variety SUPERHERO.

Inspired in the aesthetics of 1940s comics, and thought as a product able to accompany the heroes looking for justice in their most difficult situations, the new layout reinforces our imagination, making us experience the adventures our idols lived.

The chromatic palette is based on silver, red and blue, classic colours in superheroes (Superman, Spiderman, and Captain America, among others), which are combined with iconographic elements such as the star, or the metallic shield.

Adrian Pierini, the agency’s CEO referred to this project: “Since I was a little boy, I always felt a special attraction to the fantasy these superheroes provoke. I was interest by the fight between good and evil, the ability of helping without receiving any in exchange, and by how they became an example of integrity and courage.

Working in this project meant a return to my childhood and all the good things it implies. The new variety is, for us designers and for consumers, a magnificent opportunity, given by the leader antiperspirant company, to feel superheroes able to cope with all the challenges the world face us with daily”.

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