Derrick Lin


Designed by CARTILS, The Netherlands.

100 Pipers aged 12 years
Pernod Ricard introduced an upward line extension for 100 Pipers, the 13th most sold Scotch whisky worldwide, by introducing the ‘12 year old’ variant. This extension is aimed at the “Super Premium Scotch” market in India. After the successful cooperation between Pernod Ricard India and CARTILS on Blenders Pride, Blenders Pride Reserve Collection and Royal Stag Barrel Select, the 100 Pipers 12 Years Old Scotch Whisky was the next step.

Seagram’s 100 Pipers is a deluxe blended scotch, which was launched in 1995 in India. Now the brand sells over 1.7 million cases globally. Within the booming Indian whisky market, Pernod Ricard India, have spotted the opportunity to enter the vast growth segment of the 12 year old Scotch category.

The challenge was to create a distinct premium and contemporary brand presentation with a large stand-out factor whilst remaining true to the brand. To ensure this, a new colour scheme was introduced, the new cream and gold colours were selected, providing a more International premium appearance whilst clearly distinguishing between the standard and aged 12 years variants. The bottle shape feels and looks proud, standing tall with strong shoulders, whilst the tapered body signifies the premium positioning. The embossed 12 in the neck of the bottle and the cutting lines are clearly holding the brand device and signature bottom label in place to provide a mature and solid presentation. Finally the ‘arch’ was made more elegant with its new tapered look, gold embossed lettering and more minimalistic look, still remaining true to the original 100 Pipers brand.

The end result of the combined effort of CARTILS and Pernod Ricard India is a stunning new bottle with excellent 12 year aged Scotch being introduced in the fast growing Indian Whisky Market. It seems 100 Pipers aged 12 years has all the right ingredients to be a big success.