Designed by Selikoff+Company, United States.

Triple T is a hand crafted, small-batch bar-b-que sauce rich with spices and deep with flavor. Its founder believed its identity and label design didn’t convey the quality and craft that differentiated his sauces from myriad others in this crowded category.

Developed by a classically trained chef from Napa by way of Texas, the product was compelling. We were inspired by the founder’s vision and developed brand positioning to capture it – “Cook it on low, eat it slow.”

While his years of training at the Culinary Institute of America and working in Napa’s wine industry influenced the formulation of his sauces, we understood his brand was, above all, about quality – of relationships, of experiences, of tastes and adventures. His sauces were memories of long afternoons “talking’ about nuthin’, but figurin’ out everything.”

Our goal was to capture his story through a brand identity and packaging inspired by historical and traditional motifs of craftsmanship – a family crest, woodcut animal illustrations and letterpress-style wood type that captured the history and craft of BBQ without relying on tired motifs — no cowboys, no cattle brands, no Texas flags. The fun, irreverent copy emphasizes the brand’s modern point of view while emphasizing the notion that quality is achieved through time and human effort.

Along with the Triple-T brand identity, we created packaging and copy for:
St. Louis Style Sauce: A spicy, mustard-y sauce perfect for chicken;
Texas Style Sauce: A traditional Texas recipe for beef with tangy vinegar and spicy black pepper; and
Memphis Style Sauce: A spicy, triple-pepper sauce for pork.

The result was a strong foundation for a brand with a unique point of view.

Triple T BBQ’s old logo