LEUVEN Beer (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Wonchan Lee, Australia.

Belgium. Premium. Beer. Those are the three words I had to keep in mind while designing the range.

The aim was to differentiate the brand and packaging from other market competitors as well as clearly communicate and maintain its identity; Premium Belgian beer.
With the understated colour palette throughout the design the colour of beer creates great contrast and stands out.

Not only the material used in the package is lighter, but also more economical than widely used glass, therefore has advantage to both cost and shipping.

  1. Indeed, i thought exactly the same thing… and also, if it's a premium beer, why do you have to worry about reducing packaging costs??

  2. Being premium doesn't mean it can't be cost-effective. Go have a look at boutique stores and see if they package the products with diamonds. haha.

  3. Interesting and innovative. It definitely stands out and has a clean design. I'm glade to see I'm the only one who sees urine bags, perhaps the designer could change the project title to "Cheat The Unrine Test – Clean urine for the worrisome employee"

  4. Actually, I know a company or two that actually use some pretty expensive stuff on their packaging, but what I mean here is that reducing costs shouldn't be your main focus.

  5. Would explode in the real world. Also, taste would be horribly compromised. Not a real-world solution. Nice design, nice execution, wrong application.

Derrick Lin

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