Twinings Infusions


Designed by BrandOpus, United Kingdom.

Twinings is reorganising their Infusions portfolio and launching an innovative range of premium fruit & herbal infusion teas with help from long-term design partner BrandOpus.
Pioneering innovation in the fast-growing fruit and herb tea category, which is currently worth £44m with a value growth rate of 6.5%1, Twinings tasked BrandOpus to simplify and redefine the architecture and pack design across the large Infusions range, with the ambitious objective of significantly growing category penetration. In response BrandOpus have introduced a clean, white background across all four sub-ranges within the infusions portfolio. Each blend also features swirling imagery to reflecting the moment that the tea infuses into hot water.
The Fruit Infusions range uses bold typography, real imagery and illustrative touches to signify the hit of great flavour that the fruity blends create on the palette. Whilst Herbal Infusions use illustrative elements and accents of colour to signify the unique health benefit of each flavourful blend.
As part of the refresh Twinings are launching a new range of sensational tasting infusions, based on consumers favourite blends with an extra intensity and featuring interesting ingredients. Each variant has been developed by expert master blenders to ensure the depth of flavour matches the aromatic scent; combating the misconception that infused teas do not deliver on taste. BrandOpus communicated the distinctiveness of this special range through the pack designs, which feature an intricate quilling technique reflecting both the infusion process and sensational tasting notes of the teas.
Although blends within the Benefit range are purchased with a specific health issue in mind, for BrandOpus it was key to move away from the medicinal nature of the previous packaging, to a range of new designs befitting the great flavour of the blends. The result is a simple, clear range that is easy to navigate and which reassures the consumer that Twinings are on hand to help when it they need it most.

Lindsey Williams, senior brand manager at Twinings, comments, “We have a range of great tasting products that have wellbeing at their heart, our challenge for the relaunch was to communicate these benefits to the consumer through impactful simplified design, and on-trend innovation. Our aim is to re-ignite the infusion category at a time when health is very much on consumers agenda and we feel that BrandOpus’ pack designs will help us to achieve this.”

Across the entire portfolio colour schemes compliment, allowing the consumer to easily identify a favourite ingredient irrespective of which sub-range each blend belongs to. All packs in the portfolio also feature block colouring on the side of pack, so that the blends are just as recognisable on the shelf at the supermarket as in the tea cupboard at home.
BrandOpus CEO Nir Wegrzyn, says of the project, “Following on from the strategy we created for Green Tea, Twinings Infusions has been transformed from a fragmented portfolio to a simple strategy that is easy to navigate on shelf.”