Tangerine Candyland


Designed by BrandOpus, United Kingdom.

BrandOpus helps Tangerine Confectionery look to the future with the launch of Candyland

BrandOpus has worked with the UK’s leading independent manufacturer of sugar confectionery, Tangerine, to create Candyland, a single consumer-facing brand that will consolidate their wide portfolio of sugar confectionery brands, including Wham Bars.

Working with the key theme of “embracing nonsense”, BrandOpus has created the concept of Candyland, a magical world where all sweets come from in the form of brand identity, packaging and point of sale materials

BrandOpus’ aim was to create a new masterbrand, meaning the logo will sit across all packaging to unify the diverse confectionery portfolio, which was disparate following many years of acquisitions.

The agency was mindful of the equities and positive memories of some of the well-loved products in the portfolio, such as Dip Dab and Refreshers, so one of the biggest challenges of the move to a single portfolio was to integrate the existing products brands into a new masterbrand in a way that adds value.

The Candyland identity has been developed with a quirky airship at the centre of the brand identity. The consistent use of the single Candyland brand mark allowed the agency to create a clear segmentation of ranges across the portfolio numbering over 75 products, making it easier for the consumer to navigate. Candyland is divided into different ‘territories’ each reflective of the consumer’s distinction between confectionery types. Each territory has a distinct graphic style and clear tone of voice, to further reflect the different personalities in this fantasy world.

Nir Wegrzyn, CEO at BrandOpus explains, “The new identity allows the brand to be immediately recognisible, contributing a positive halo effect of the brand values across the entire portfolio which encourages consumer cross purchase. Candyland affords strong brand standout and ease of navigation for the consumer at point of retail.”

Mel Wilson, Head of Marketing at Tangerine Confectionery comments, “Adopting the single Candyland brand creates a platform for NPD, that allows us to concentrate on what we are best at: innovation and creation of delicious new confectionery. Ultimately the project that we have undertaken with BrandOpus enables us to extend the portfolio over coming months and years.”

Candyland launches into the Impulse category and wholesale on July 1st, and hits the shelves of ASDA and other major multiples from August.