Derrick Lin


Designed by Brian Rodrigo Llagas, Vietnam.
Design work for Attention Vietnam

Saigon-based Filipino designer Brian Rodrigo Llagas developed the packaging design and structural packaging for the Yen Viet brand of processed bird’s nest products in Vietnam.

In a sea of gaudy-looking metallic silver and gold bird’s nest packaging, Yen Viet products definitely needed a way to stand out on the shelf. They also needed a well-structured packaging design system that will help them achieve a more consistent brand identity across their product line and in their different product variants.

Taking into account the similarities in visual styling of their competitors that was mostly very ornamental and all gloss, he came up with a design solution that is at the opposite end of the spectrum and instead focused on the organic and natural quality of the product. This also helped reinforce the message that the products have a higher composition of bird’s nest in them than the competitors.

This packaging design work was developed for Attention Vietnam.