Clover (Redesigned)


Designed by BrandOpus, United Kingdom.

BrandOpus, a global strategic brand design agency, have redesigned the iconic Dairy Crest brand Clover. The project also sees the range extended, with the introduction of three new Clover Additions variants, each product with added vitamins and minerals to offer a specific health benefit.

The redesign aims to drive growth by appealing to new consumers whilst still remaining recognisable to existing brand loyalists, and comes in response to research in which consumers described the BSM aisle as “a sea of yellow”, and “functional but not inspiring”.

In response to the brief, the agency has refreshed the brand identity by softening the Clover logotype and integrating the Clover symbol that now ‘grows’ out of the typography. The brand name now sits on a curved ‘countryside horizon’ and is surrounded by an abundance of clover growing in the pastures. The distant birds contextualise the illustrative natural scene.

In addition to the rebrand of the core Clover and Clover Lighter variants, the project also saw BrandOpus work closely with Dairy Crest to develop the design of three Additions spreads: Clover Strong Bones, Clover Daily Boost and Clover Immunity Support. Clover Additions contain key vitamins and minerals, and each product has a specific health benefit to deliver an easy, everyday healthy top-up, whilst offering a new, lower fat recipe than standard Clover to deliver even stronger health credentials.

The Additions range uses coloured wildflowers, variant descriptors, and tub lids to introduce clear recognition and ease of navigation through the expanded portfolio.

Sophie Lyons, Group Brand Manager for Spreads says “The world of dairy that inspires this category lives in the field, but is rarely brought to life at the fixture. BrandOpus have helped us address this with the redesign, of both core Clover and on the new Clover Additions range”