Designed by mousegraphics, Greece.

The Briefing (In Brief)
We need a new logotype and packaging design for our canned foods

The target consumer
Consumers who shop for their household as well as buyers for restaurants and other, big consumption, areas.

The design
The client is a Danish company and wishes to address both buyers of small and large quantities, mostly in North European countries. We used the name of the company founder to form the new logotype. We framed the existing handwritten version of this and balanced it with a small irregular hole-like sign next to it. Referencing a small food bite, a liquid spot or an ink drop this sign is becoming part of a larger packaging alphabet we designed for the assignment. As we had to predict different uses for small and large quantities, we assembled a group of original, recognizable and flexible visual tools: We invested in a new letter type, a custom made, hand over-painted, organic looking version of ‘News Gothic MT’. We opted for clear images of canned food units avoiding shadows and depth graphics. We designed the logotype as a constant underlining visual reminder. Essential, well preserved cooking ingredients come forward as basic food grammar for all.