Agency: mousegraphics
Client, Nongfu Spring
Country: Greece

Τhe briefing (in brief):
We are looking for a new packaging for two new products: a) black tea with milk and b) a premium type of matcha tea. We also want to develop the whole advertising concept in relation to the packaging so that we have a clear and strong product identity.

Τhe target consumer:
Young, contemporary, busy everyday consumers in the Chinese market. People who want to enjoy quickly and easily, a well prepared, healthy, tasty tea drink.

The design:
Our client, Nongfu Spring, is one of the biggest, most well known and highly respected companies producing mostly bottled water in China. The strong brand image and reputation of the company (natural spring sources, traditional values, respect for the environment) called for a very thorough research on our part into the particulars of the specific market. Both tea drinks (matcha milk tea and black tea latte, are best prepared by being whisked with the use of a specific bamboo tool. We worked in two converging axis: we incorporated the shape of this essential whisking tool into the bottle’s industrial design producing a completely distinctive and yet natural looking new packaging form; for the typography we married the eastern (Chinese) and western (English) words for tea using the shape/letter T as link. Corporate values as were both explained to us and researched during field trips we made, emerged through the realized product identity. This whole design project proved to be also a cultural reach out, an exploration which we enjoyed a lot and learned from.

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